CO2 Savings

1 gram of mined gold emits ~36 kg of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Recycled gold and platinum avoid 99% of the CO2 emissions associated with traditional mining.

For the leftover 1%, we offer the option to plant legacy trees. This will not only make your jewelry piece a 0 carbon purchase but will also leave a positive legacy for centuries to come.  Planting a tree with your purchase costs $3 to $6. Some of our customers are excited to grow forests. 

Did you know that platinum and gold are the two most CO2 intensive metals to mine? This is why clean, innovative recycling is the future of these metals. For every gram of recycled gold or platinum used, we eliminate 36,000 g of CO2 that mining would have emitted. This is the equivalent to growing one tree for two years. 

Mining operations are CO2-intensive as they require energy to blast off mountains, break rocks, move rocks and ventilate the underground mining tunnels. Some mines are trying to be more environmentally conscious but the majority still use coal electricity. For example, 70-80% of platinum is mined from South Africa, where ~70% of the country's electricity comes from coal. 

The climate change implications of mining precious metals for jewelry are not pretty. 

With Generation products, we establish a supply chain strictly from recycled sources such as used jewelry and electronics, from the finest recyclers in the U.S. Even better, we are turning electronic waste into investment-grade jewelry. 

As an example, our Generation Curb Bracelet is made from 18 grams of recycled platinum. This bracelet alone avoids emitting 720 kg of CO2. To remove this much CO2 from the atmosphere, one would need to grow a tree for 36 years. Here is a brilliant shortcut: Generation customers do not need to wait 36 years to make their jewelry carbon neutral.

Your choices will tell your story. Make it a good one. 

Wear one of the cleanest jewelry brands on the planet.