Energy Savings

For every gram of recycled gold or platinum used, we save the world from wasting  $17 to $43 of electricity (U.S. electricity price range).

1 gram of mined gold uses 67 kWh of energy versus only 2 kWh for 1 gram of recycled metal. That is equivalent to saving ~$17 per gram ($0.26/kWh) of energy to the planet. 

Recycled platinum is even more impactful as platinum production is 3 times more energy intensive than gold. 1 gram of mined platinum uses ~167 kWh of energy versus only 3kWh for 1 gram of recycled platinumThat is equivalent to saving ~$43 per gram ($0.26/kWh) of energy to the planet. 

Recycled gold and platinum save >97% of energy usage. Energy is arguably the most impactful variable as wasting energy causes a chain of negative environmental events including unnecessary infrastructure construction, animal habitat disruption, land, water and air pollution.

We are proud to offer you the future of jewelry. Every of our products has a thorough set Pollution Avoidance statistics. For example, our Generation Twist Ring is made from 17 grams of 24 karat recycled gold. This ring avoids 1,100 kWh of electricity, or in other words, avoids $290 of electricity being wasted.

Our platinum jewelry also carries significant positive impact as mining platinum requires three times more energy than gold. Our Generation Curb Bracelet is made from 19 grams of platinum. This classic bracelet avoids 3100 kWh of electricity, or $800 of electricity waste. 

The sustainability impact is so large because these precious metals are the most energy intensive, extractive metals on Earth.

They are rare: for every gram of gold or platinum there are 5,000 grams of sapphires and 400,000 grams of diamonds.

They are hard to extract: gold and platinum exist in small concentrations so we have to move mountains to access them. For a kilogram of pure gold, miners need to process ~200 tons of mineral ores. 

The majority of the energy in mining is used for blasting off mountains, breaking rocks, moving and sorting rocks, ventilating the underground mining tunnels, and refining the metals from the minerals. By using recycled metals, Generation skips these mining steps and avoids their associated environmental, social, and ethical damages. 

Our metals are recycled from used jewelry and electronics, from the most reputable and most innovative recyclers in North America.

High-tech recycling can extract a kilogram of gold from 4 tons of electronic waste (compared to 200 tons of mineral ores). Various studies have shown that buying gold from high-tech metal recyclers is about 50x-300x better than from mining sources. Even better, we are turning electronic waste into investment-grade jewelry. 

Your choices will tell your story. Make it a good one. Proudly wear the cleanest jewelry on Earth.