Water Savings


Recycled gold and platinum avoid 99% of the water waste associated with traditional mining methods.

For every gram of recycled gold or platinum used, we avoid wasting 250 to 700L of water that mining would have used. Your Generation jewelry will save one of the most fundamental resources on the planet.

1 gram of mined gold consumes 250+ liters of water. 1 gram of mined platinum consumes 700+ liters of water.

For example, our Generation Crown Ring, made from recycled 24 karat gold, avoids wasting 6,841L of water. 

Did you know that 70-80% of all platinum is mined from South Africa, an area where water is a scarce resource? The water impact of choosing Generation's recycled jewelry can have significant positive implications.

In mining, water is used for mineral processing, dust suppression and slurry transport. In most mines, water is sourced from groundwater, streams, rivers, lakes, or through commercial water service suppliers. Mining not only depletes water resources but also compromises its cleanliness for the surrounding communities and ecosystems. 

As a result, water conflicts are not rare between the mining companies and local communities. 

With Generation products, we establish a supply chain strictly from recycled sources such as used jewelry and electronics, from the finest recyclers in the U.S. Even better, we are turning electronic waste into investment-grade jewelry. 

Your choices will tell your story. Make it a good one. Proudly wear the most resource-efficient jewelry on the planet.