Investment Jewelry

Gold has been a safe haven during financially turbulent times for centuries. Today Americans are re-discovering what our ancestors had figured out. 24 karat gold holds value. It's a stellar investment. Over the last 20 years gold investments outperformed the S&P 500, Emerging Markets and the US dollar. And with the recent Covid-19 aid grants, the US dollar will continue to weaken. This will make gold more valuable.

Annualized Returns of Gold 


92% of women don't invest. Part of that is caused by the misleading information served to women. So we wanted to share some information on investment jewelry to help change this gender-based investment trend. Women are smart and will know a good buy when they see it.

This is a good read for men as well. Classic gold designs are unisex. But if you don’t like wearing jewelry, you will find investment jewelry useful when you're looking for the next present for your significant other. There is no financially smarter jewelry. And, the 24 karat beauty will delight the recipient. 

Investment jewelry is a new category of jewelry on the US market. Note that this shiny savings account is not a new concept in many places around the globe (e.g. the Middle East, India, Eastern Europe, Asia.) Why is it not a trend in the US? The reason is clever American marketing. Think about the artificially created diamond industry! A diamond is forever? Not really. A sapphire could be forever too but no one says that. Thank you, De Beers. So when it comes to jewelry, companies also discovered that the 10k, 14k, 18k or 22 karat metal is inexpensive so they can easily add high markups. In sum: lower karat jewelry is very profitable for jewelers. 

The result of this is that buying expensive, brand name jewelry is like buying a new car. The purchase loses most of its value the moment it's yours. It's a rapidly depreciating asset. There are very few examples of iconic jewelry designs that held their value over time.     

But why did all the wealthy families in history buy gold? They did because it was 24 karat. 

There is a part of US culture that invests in 24 karat bars and coins. The concept is a proven and effective investment but the problem is that you can't do much with a gold bar. It usually sits in your safe. In contrast, investment jewelry can be worn while it appreciates in value.

Investment jewelry combines beauty and function. You make money while looking good. 

One should not compare the investment jewelry to gold bars because well made 24 karat jewelry requires careful designs and skilled craftsmanship. The markup usually covers the labor that goes into it. You should also not compare investment jewelry to stocks like TSLA or APPL as they have a different risk profile.

Compare 24 karat investment jewelry to any other jewelry on the market then it's a no brainer. 24 karat jewelry is a cool, exquisite, and intelligent purchase.   

If you make the jewelry from recycled or upcycled gold then it’s truly the best. It checks off every box including sustainability. Recycled gold saves most of the energy, water and CO2 that mined gold would require. 

At Generation Collection we also provide our customers with an Authenticity Certificate, which they can use to sell Generation jewelry back to us at the market price of gold. Gold is gold. We value it by the gram, not by the age.

In 1915, an ounce of gold cost $488 (in today’s dollars). On May 15, 2020 the same ounce of gold cost $1,751. Gold will continue to stay relevant in the future and will prevail any start-up, institution, country, and even governments.

Gold is the ultimate universal currency. And, it's beautiful.