What Is Clean Jewelry?

Generation Collection jewelry reduces 97% to 99% of electricity, water, and CO2 emission compared to mined metal jewelry. This sounds too good to be true? Lets dig in.

All of our impact numbers are drawn from publicly available academic studies, scientific  publications and independent research. Our sustainability team is led by Stanford graduates with a passion for and experience in Environmental Studies. They love this field and follow the latest scientific findings so we can make the most informed choices.  

We source our metals from high-tech recyclers in the U.S. All of our metals are certified, clean, ethical, and sustainable. 

For example, let's look at the statistics of one of our classics: The Classic Band. At size 6, this band weighs 12g of 24k gold.

The production of this ring:

  • Avoids wasting 774kW of electricity. This is equal to not wasting ~$200 of electricity if it was produced in the US (0.26/kWh). This electricity is also enough to charge 70,400 cell phones. Or, enough to charge your cell phone for 192 years.
  • Avoids wasting 8210 L of water. 
  • Avoids emitting 434 kg CO2. This is the equivalent of driving a car for ~1700 kilometers or ~1000 miles. It is also equivalent to the energy needed to power 7,200 light bulbs.

And the remaining 6kg CO2 emission from recycling the gold and crafting this ring can be offset with planting one single redwood, mangrove, or fruit tree for $3-6. 

Good for the environment: In a nutshell, recycled metals are significantly better for the environment. 

Good for people: Further, Generation jewelry offers the lowest sustainable gold mark up on the market. Other recycled jewelry brands are marked up significantly higher. 

Generation is the cleanest and most sustainable jewelry on the planet. Pure gold, platinum, or silver jewelry that will accumulate value and memories over time.

We hope you find that as beautiful as we do.