Refund policy

Returns, Refunds & Exchanges

Gold, Platinum & Silver

Because we price our jewelry based on the price of the metals it's crafted from, any returns, refunds and exchanges are considered buybacks.

Important note: Please make sure to include your item Certificate of Authenticity.

Our certified buyback guarantee enables you to return, exchange or sell your Generation jewelry at any time for its real-time value less a buyback fee. The buyback fee depends on the quality in which the item and its original packaging is received.  

Buyback requests outside of the US must contact Customer Service for further instructions. 

Your account will be credited upon receipt of your package.

Non-metal items

Purely non-metal items, such as sustainable leather jewelry organizers, are treated as a traditional purchase. Customers have up to 14 days to return or exchange the item for full credit (minus any shipping charges).

Return Process

Start a return or exchange:

To initiate a return or exchange, please email us at [email protected]. We will email you back detailed return instructions.


  1. Email: Email us that you'd like to return or exchange an item.

  2. Package: Pack your jewelry in its original packaging to receive the highest possible return amount. Double box the package. Shipping specifications (incl. address) will be included in your return instructions over email.

  3. Certificate of Authenticity: Highly important! Make sure you have included the Certificate of Authenticity.


You may cancel an order for up to 24 hours after order placement, unless the order has already been shipped.